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Google Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing

Increase your Traffic, Boost your Sales, Develop your Brand Reputation, Improve your ROI, Grow Loyalty and Customer Retention.

Google  Remarketing and Facebook Remarketing are innovative advertising solutions based on advertising retargeting technology.


How does retargeting work? Remarketing technology targets users who have previously visited your website, and shows them your ads as they visit sites on the Google Display Network or visit Facebook pages or profiles.


Why is Remarketing important for your business?


Remarketing offers you the same power that email marketing offers businesses. Before Retargeting technology was available, customers who visited your site but did not action were almost lost to you. You spend a lot of money to send those visitors to your site only to find that many of them fail to take action. How do you reach them again? That's the dream of every business owner.



Just as email marketing allows you to have a list of customers that you can send regular deals to, Remarketing allows you to have a list visitors who previously visited your site. For example you could have a list visitors who added a product to their basket but failed to make a purchase. Sometimes the reason for abandoning the shopping basket could be time. In that case, the chance to see your ad again on another website could be a good reminder for them to take action and make a purchase.


If Google  Remarketing and  Facebook Remarketing are implemented effective you could:


  • Increase traffic to your  website
  • Boost your sales
  • Develop your company's brand reputation
  • Grow loyalty and customer retention
  • Improve the return on investment of campaigns (ROI)


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