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PPC and Adwords Account Setup, Restructure & Transitioning

Effective Adwords or PPC Account Management requires a well structured Account Setup. Let's me Setup, Restructure or Transition your account according to industry best Practices.

There is nothing that makes a PPC account more painful to manage than poorly setup and poorly structured campaigns. A lot of the accounts I have managed over the years were not properly or logically structured and it was very confusing to make sense of them. To be effective with Adwords, you need your keywords tightly themed into adgroups. This enables your ads to be more targeted. For example if you have many products, ideally, you want to target each product to a relevant adgroup. But of course this process can be very time consuming and I guess this is why a lot people don't put much effort into it. But it is not optional.


One of the issues with throwing 100s of keywords into an adgroup is that your ads will not target the right customers and therefore you could get a lot of non-converting traffic in addition to loosing a lot of money. There are a lot of factors to consider when setting up and structuring your account and campaign. This is where you might need a PPC consultant like myself to help you. If the campaign is poorly setup and structured, I will audit it and give you recommendations to help your agency, or in-house staff, restructure the account according to Adwords best practices.


If, as a result of a poorly setup and structured account, you have incurred too many penalties, sometimes it might be best to start over and create a brand new account. Please get in touch to find out how I can help you today.

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